Mewaii Fluffffy Family Original Frog Designed Super Soft Cute Plush

Type: mewaii
Style - Summer/Axolotl

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  1. Ultra-soft friends original designed plush.
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Craft With Care

  • Fabric: Super Soft Spandex
  • Cotton: Down Cotton
  • Cuteeeshop is committed to making better plushtoys with higher-end materials.

We have figured out the right size for both adults and children to hug. As the need for adults in nowadays high-speed lifestyle to relieve their stress, so the whole body of plush toys are made with extremely smooth fabric and down cotton. The stitching is tight and strong in order to undertake your brandish of objects.

About Cuteeeshop

We are Cuteeeshop . Cuteeeshop is committed to making original ultra-soft puffy plush. We have the dream of being professional plush designers and then we created the brand.

We are the group comprised of Ultra-soft stress-relief plush enthusiasts. We will bring some great down cotton puffy plush to you! Your effort will help our dreams come true.

Cuteeeshop "Mewaii Farm SOFT Friends Series"
Lilian, as the daughter of the pre-farmer, has never ever gone from her farm except for her college life. Now she has inherited the farm from her father and starting a fantastic life with the ” soft” friends. Such an exciting new experience!

Mewaii Role Introduction:

  1. Bruce, a romantic frog always with his dot hat. His hobby is watching the sunrise before going to bed. Because the dot hat is the gift from his girlfriend Melody, Bruce has gotten into the habit of collecting hats.
  2. Melody, the girlfriend of Bruce, is a sentimental and quiet purple frog. She is a movie-enthusiasts and often sees movies with Lilian. One Day is her favorite. She once preferred sunset only, after falling in love with Bruce she is getting to enjoy sunrise.
  3. Sweety the piggy pet of the framer. Though born with a pair of wings, she can only fly less than 1 cm high. She exercises flying hard to achieve her dream of tasting the clouds. Whether the clouds have the same taste as marshmallows?
  4. Abby, a clever girl who loves desserts. Cheese Factory cakes are most to her appetite. She once snuck a cake brought by Lilian from town but finally was caught. Everybody loves her because the way she closes eyes and chews when tasting desserts is adorable.
  5. Summer ,a cute axolotl who likes rain and rainbow. She is always called "Hexagon dinosaur" by kids though she dislikes it. Different corn colors show her mood——blue, red, purple represents thinking, excitement, and shyness respectively. All three out simultaneously showing her fierce love for you.
  6. Strarry is the oldest in farm. He is a bear full of wisdom and his hobby is observing the universe same as Lilian's grandpa. He loves SIRIUS best not only it is the brightest, but because when grandpa was alive, he told Strarry:" I will live on SIRIUS after pass away"


Safety always comes first when it comes to toys for kids. We proudly completed tests involving requirement for health, safety and environment, such as EN71, ASTM F963, EU-CE.


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